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topic posted Sat, January 21, 2006 - 4:11 PM by  ~Johnny~
I am looking to have a Dutch tattoo done on my back. I need some ideas. I was born in western Canada, my father was born in North Holland in a small town called Bovenkarspel . I would ask him for some ideas but, he passed away when I was eight years old.. As a tribute to him and my dutch roots, I would like to get this tattoo done. If anyone has any ideas, besides the typical windmill, wooden shoes, tulips, and cheese. After my father passed away, I lost contact with my dutch roots, and could use all help I can get. If you could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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    Thu, January 26, 2006 - 1:06 AM
    This is a rough translation of a poem about Holland written by a famous dutch poet in 1936. For me it catches what Holland is all about. Maybe it will give you some inspiration.

    Memory of Holland

    Thinking of Holland
    I see broad rivers
    flow slowly through
    infinity lowland,
    rows inconceivably
    thin poplars stand
    as high plumes
    at the horizon;
    and sunk in the tremendous
    spaces the farms
    spread through the country,
    tree groups, towns,
    cut-off towers,
    churches and oaks
    in a big connection.
    The sky hangs there low
    and the sun gets smothered there slowly
    in grey multicolored fogs,
    and in all regions
    the voice of the water
    with its eternal disasters
    is feared and heard
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      Thu, March 11, 2010 - 10:58 AM

      I live and have been raised in Lutjebroek, just next to it!
      I;m thinking of an west-Friesland tattoo, other wise called: De Streek (loose translation: the region) Bovenkarspel is a part of it, its as I'm seeing i, like the alabama of the Netherlands, and very proud of it:p and "we" ar notorious about ore drank consumpsion, and there is pome about it:
      De West-Frieze, da’s bekend,
      Benne met drank puur verwend.
      Zai kenne bar veul drinke,
      Magge graag met glaasies klinke.
      Zai drinke pitteg wat,
      En worre dut nooit zat.
      Zai kenne d’r gien genog van kregge,
      Hoe zuk komt? Ik wul ’t perbere uit te legge.
      Je zitte erges uit te zakke,
      En je bloive zômaar puur plakke.
      Je zitte mooi an, je drinke wat,
      Ja, doen maar ‘oor, skroif maar op de lat.
      Op ien bien kè-je niet loupe,
      Leite we d’r nag maar ientje koupe.
      De derde smaakt nei meer,
      Dus tap nag maar ’n keer.
      Den nag ientje voor de smaak,
      Die is goed, da’s ok weer raak.
      Doen ‘r maar ientje voor de breek,
      Dat moet kenne, zo middend in de week.
      Ik wul d’r nag ientje prebere,
      Da’s ‘r ien om ’t of te lere.
      Je rake ietwat beskonke,
      Nei, nag net niet dronke.
      Den nag ientje voor onderweg,
      Da’s ok goed voor m’n zere reg.
      Ze smake me oigelek best,
      Nou, nag ientje den, as lest.
      Nag ientje toe as afskoid?
      Den is ’t haast wel toid.
      “Joôse, de bar gaat dicht, bedat,
      Jolle hewwe jolle gerak wel had.
      Ik tel d’r meer as acht,
      Da’s toch ’n hille vracht!
      Nag ientje van moin, loikt dut?”
      “Nou, ientje toe den, verrut.”
      Koik, zó zou’t kenne beure,
      Vedder wul ik ‘r niet over zeure.
      As je te veul drink, is ’t je oige schuld,
      Je hewwe dut zelluf zo wuld.
      Dus: mocht ’t niet goed gaan,
      Den hè-je ’t je oige and aan.
      As je last kroige van darme of maag,
      Zeur dan niet, ik wul gien geklaag
      The Westerly-Frisian, da’s known, Benne with drink gather spoiled. Zai know drink inclement veul, sound Magge gladly with glaasies. Zai drink pitteg what, And worre nap never drunkenly.
      Do Zai know d' r gien genog of kregge, How zuk comes? I wul' t perbere out to lay. You sat out fall erges to, And your bloive zômaar gather slice. You sat drink beautiful an, you what,
      Yes, do only 'ear, skroif only on the slat. On ien bien kè-your loupe, Leite we d' r bow not but ientje koupe. The third tastes noses more, Thus tipped bow but turn' n. The nine ientje
      for the taste, That is good da’s ok prevent apt. Do 'r only ientje for the break, must know That, as middend in the week. I wul d' r nine ientje prebere, Da’s 'r ien round' t or to
      leather. You apt somewhat beskonke, Noses, bow just not drunk. The nine ientje for on the way, Da’s ok good for my sore rain. They taste me oigelek best, Now, nine ientje the, axis
      lessonest. Nine ientje closed axis afskoid? The is' t almost well toid. "Joôse, the bar closes, bedat, Jolle hewwe jolle attain well had. I count d' r more axis respect, Da’s really' n
      hille cargo! Nine ientje of moin do, loikt nap?" "Now, ientje closed the, verrut." Koik, zó will know lifts' t, Vedder wul I 'r not over bore. Axis you to veul drink, is nap' t your
      oige debt, Your hewwe zelluf so wuld. Thus: might not go' t good, The hè-you' t your oige and on. Axis your burden kroige of intestine or stomach, Bore then not, I wul gien geklaag

      remember!! dont mistake bovenkarspel with Amsterdam, It's totally different!
      email , dont be affraid
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    Fri, February 3, 2006 - 4:10 PM
    maybe a lightly pickled raw harring? ;<]

    it's really quite good - and the sparrows we shared our table with enjoyed it too.

    a more modern approach - maybe something including a wind turbine -a small array of dike stone ( hexagonal - hand picked - layed down like logs with the ends forming the "wall" - the U.S. could learn a lesson from the Dutch ( New Orleans "levies") uh - duh!

    heavy 5 speed bicycles - what is the main train station in Amsterdam? - ahhh - the wonderful coffee shops - Afghani blond anyone? it's been a while. i want to go back - - - - - - - - -
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    Thu, February 9, 2006 - 1:07 PM
    Holland is: bicycle, boat, river, sea, the Royal Palace in Amsterdam.

    I would recommend ( as someone with a backpiece ) and thinking you want your piece in color. A seashore with beach, in the sea a Dutch fisherboat which just picks up the net full of fish, on the shore a typical Dutch girl riding on a bicycle on the grass ( which kind you pick yourself ) before something like the Royal Palace ( could be also the Central Station where just leaves a train )

    Just a thought.

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    Mon, July 31, 2006 - 8:41 AM
    how about a selection of notes from our old currency de Gulden (the guilder).
    most of them are quite pretty, especially compared to the damn euro.
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      Wed, August 23, 2006 - 5:41 PM
      So all this Hema talk got me thinking about one of my favourite foods, Hema Worst. Maybe I should get a tattoo of a hema worst, or is that a bit too phallic:)

      Btw, question, can you still use Dutch currency or is it all gone now? Are my old duppies and kwartjes worth anything?

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